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We let you easily look up the owner of nearly any phone number!

Millions of phone owner records, both public and private, combined here to provide you the most robust database of information to search!

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Who Lookira is for

Lookira is for anyone who wants to know the owner of any phone number.

Want to know who is calling before answering the phone? Wrote down a number but forgot who it is for? Have a phone number and a first name, but want to add a last name for completeness? Lookira can help!

Lookira is a confidential, easy, and private way to do reverse phone number lookups. Lookups work for nearly every type of phone number as well, including land lines, cell phones, and unlisted phone numbers!

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Where we get our information

In short, we combine information from several different sources, both private and public data. We scour the web, source information from vendors and agencies, and collect data directly from consumers and combine it all into a single database.

We also constantly audit the quality of this database by removing entries that are now inaccurate and updating entries that are newly outdated.

The end result is a pristine database available to you for searching the owners of phone numbers. We hope you find it useful!