Why is there a charge on my card?

There is a charge from Lookira because a card holder signed up for Lookira, a platform that provides information about the owner for phone numbers.
Typically someone starts by going to Google and searching a phone number, and eventually signing up with Lookira to get more information on the phone number, but sometimes forgetting the name of the service.

How do I cancel my account?

Simply sign into your account, click "Edit Account" at the top, then click "End Subscription"!
If you forgot your account password simply use the "Forgot your password" link when trying to sign in.

Can you address a charge/cancel the account associated with my credit card?

Absolutely! Sometimes it is easy to forget which email was used to sign up.
Once canceled, access will be permanently lost since public signups are closed
After filling out this form to have an account canceled, we will apply the best possible refund applicable according to our terms of use and account usage.
We will get this taken care of for you right away, just fill out the form below!